Propeller Head Software supports Property Sales Advantage™ with a full complement of services to ensure your success.


Personal on-site Installation and training by certified Property Sales Advantage™ technicians is provided to clients at a discounted rate. This ensures a solid beginning to the relationship with new clients and encourages immediate success with the application.

A Property Sales Advantage™ Professional -- usually one of the developers -- will perform the Property Sales Advantage™ installation. Installation and Training usually requires a minimum of two days onsite. Training includes training the system administrator and the sales agents. Sales agents are usually trained as a group with time allocated for one-on-one training as well.

Optional Professional Services

  • Custom Development for special and unique needs
  • Custom Report Writing for special reporting needs
  • Customized and Follow-up Training to keep everyone up to speed when personnel turnover occurs
  • Conversion Services to help you hit the ground running immediately after upgrading from another system

Customer Support

  • Toll Free Telephone Support: 1-888-508-4353
  • Fax: 704-821-4255
  • E-MAIL
  • Remote Access over the internet (May require additional hardware and/or software configuration)
  • Web Knowledge Base