Here is the "short list" of the primary benefits that make Property Sales Advantage™ an excellent value for our customers:

Key Benefits

  • Designed specifically for Real Estate Development Companies
  • Monitors sales activity and follow-up for each sales associate
  • Easy-to-use, full-featured contact management functions
  • Powerful marketing and advertising effectiveness analyses
  • Quickly provides conversion and cost ratios
  • Built-in reports provide critical information instantaneously
  • Makes broadcast e-mail and printed mail campaigns a snap
  • Tracks properties, owners, and club memberships
  • Manages reservations for appointments, tours, and promotional packages
  • Minimal database administration required
  • Unparalleled personal, knowledgeable technical support
  • Built on a stable platform with proven reliability
  • Runs on any Windows 9x or later computer
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office
  • FREE reporting module provides literally unlimited custom reporting capability

Key Features

Sales Management and Sales Activity

A sales manager can view statistics on sales executives' performance without waiting for cumbersome tallying and typing exercises. With a few clicks and keystrokes, reports that show the number and quality of calls, conversion ratios, appointments and tours by sales agent are instantly available. This gives you the information needed to better manage and guide the salespeople to greater effectiveness and higher sales. In addition, sales managers can easily run reports to identify prospect statuses to determine where they are in the sales cycle for generating forecasts.

Marketing Effectiveness Analysis

As a lead is entered into the system, Property Sales Advantage™ employs a unique method to quickly and easily capture extensive lead source information at three levels - all the way down to the specific advertisement to which the prospect responded. The Marketing staff completes a simple form for each ad, capturing run dates and costs. From this information, Property Sales Advantage™ automatically generates a full complement of marketing effectiveness reports that reveal such vital information as how many leads came from a lead source, how many leads were converted to appointments, how many tours and sales did any given lead source generate, and the costs per lead, appointment, tour, and sale. Fast, reliable access to this information allows marketing managers to dramatically increase the effectiveness of their advertising dollars.

Contact Management

Property Sales Advantage™ is specially designed to make the job of sales executives and sales assistants simple and focused. We have focused in on the tools that allow sales people to focus on calls that result in appointments, tours, and SALES. PSA makes it easy to book appointments, make follow up calls, generate mass mailing and mass e-mails, and match prospects with available products. Unlike generic contact management software packages, Property Sales Advantage™ is tailored to the unique requirements of the property development industry and maintains one centralized database versus each agent having islands of information.

Additional Modules

Property Sales Advantage™ makes it easy to bring everyone on to the team with extended modules for Property Management, Property Owners Association, Membership Sales, Construction and Selections, Web Data Collection and Integrated Reservations.