Please review our frequently asked questions, but we encourage you to give us a call to further explore your technology needs.


Can I use Property Sales Advantage™ over the Internet?
Yes. Property Sales Advantage™ is a true client/server application designed for use over both local and wide area networks with relatively low bandwidth connections.

I have thousands of leads. Can PSA handle them all without loss of performance?
Absolutely! Property Sales Advantage™ uses a Microsoft SQL Server for storing information -- Microsoft's "industrial strength" database platform used in the very largest of applications.

Why not just use ACT!, Goldmine, Top Producer, WinSales, or some other contact management system?
There are specific challenges associated with each of these software products, but generally they simply do not offer the industry-specific features, ease-of use, powerful reports, tight integration,... well, you get the idea. You just can't beat the value of a software solution specifically designed for your business -- especially when it comes with the kind of personal support provided with Property Sales Advantage™ . These other programs may be great for straight contact management, but your business involves so much more than that. Why try to force a round peg into a square hole when you can get a perfect fit?

How much does Property Sales Advantage™ cost?
Property Sales Advantage™ is designed to fit the budget of even the smallest of organizations. Generally, you can budget about $1,000 per user - per year, which includes initial installation and training. For larger sales and marketing teams, volume discounts are available - call now to find out more details!

Who is using Property Sales Advantage™ ?
Many of the most innovative and prestigious communities in the United States and the Caribbean are using Property Sales Advantage™ . Please contact us for the names of some references you probably know.

Isn't it difficult to get lead source information - especially which ad they saw - on every lead?
Of course it can be difficult to get accurate information on your guest cards -- we're still working on a software feature to help with that. It takes a team commitment to get meaningful information without seeming too nosy. However, we do everything possible to make it easy to get the right data in your database. Call us for a demo and we'll show you how.

On what platform is Property Sales Advantage™ based?
The Property Sales Advantage™ database is written in Microsoft SQL Server. The user interface portion was developed in a special Microsoft Access platform designed specifically for use with Microsoft SQL Server. This combination provides our customers with the utmost in speed and reliability.

Can I send e-mails from Property Sales Advantage™ ?
Yes. Property Sales Advantage™ integrates with Microsoft Outlook®, which typically comes pre-installed with Microsoft Office on most business computers. Property Sales Advantage™ can also be customized to support other e-mail platforms such as Lotus Notes® for an additional charge.

Is Property Sales Advantage™ "Web-based"?
Property Sales Advantage™ works over the Internet, but it is not "Web-based" in that you do not run it from your Web browser. A simple installation on your Windows-based, internet connected pc's allows you to use Property Sales Advantage™ from anywhere you can get an Internet connection. Property Sales Advantage™ will even function over a dial-up connection, but we strongly recommend a high-speed cable, DSL, or T1 or better connection.

Does Property Sales Advantage™ work with Terminal Server and Citrix?
Yes. We have excellent results using Property Sales Advantage™ in Terminal Server and Citrix environments.